The rooster literally crows at the break of dawn.  The day begins.  For just a moment the slate is clean, the breeze wafts through the window celebrating the morning sun.  The assurance that a fragrant cup of coffee will soon be brewing helps to make the transition, the anticipation of the day exciting.  The to-do list hangs on the refrigerator, suggestions really of things you could do.  Thus another day begins and since you’re an old pro at the next steps, you barely have to give any thought to the routine because you know it so well.  Maybe too well.  So what would happen if God announced that He was sending a new baby into your life?

If you’re  thinking it would take some kind of miracle for a new baby to happen, I would agree.  Every baby is a miracle.  This baby though is God’s idea.  Much like the birth of the Infant King, the Son who was born simply because it was God’s idea and because He had such love for His creation, new birth can still happen to you.  It’s not about your age as Abraham and Sarah once discovered, or Elizabeth realized.  It’s about your willingness to conceive a new idea, a new plan and a God-given direction for your life.

You are always blessed with the possibility of something new, something incredible, something only God could devise for you.  An awesome aspect of this is that the something new is always conceived in love, it’s always the result of the joining of your heart and your hopes with God’s creative Spirit.  It’s always possible.

As you wake up to the new day, as you consider all the possibilities, I encourage you to leave the door open for God’s possibilities too.  Like the shepherds on the hillside who were awed at the announcement of the angels, it might be your day to be awed at what God can do.  He may be ready even now to birth a whole new direction for your life, to help you overcome your limits, to set aside your preconceived notions, and to do something totally unpredictable.

Let’s take a fresh look at what He might want for us.  As Jesus said in Revelation, “I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”  Let your bright and morning star lead the way, with the precious announcement that a new baby is coming, ready to give birth to your greatest dreams.  It’s truly the advent season!

  1. mark says:

    Fantasttic, thank you Karen.

    Buddhist teachings encourage us to the morning as merely a continuation of the evening, and upon going to sleep set intentions to that effect — for the evening of rest and rejuvenation to enable the body/mind, upon awakening, to have all it needs to have mindfulness and patience and generosity, etc. to be abiding the following day.

    And, with a smile, the teachers say the best time for sitting (during which, among other things, we set our intentions for the day to come) is in the morning, after arising and between “the bathroom and the kitchen” . . .

    happy days to you dear(s)!

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