The other day I was looking at some pictures of the relative sizes of the planets.  At first, the picture showed Earth compared to Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto, and Earth looked dominant.  The next picture, of course, showed Saturn and Jupiter which dwarfed the earth.  It continued to show our sun and then it moved out to the Milky Way and the galaxies that span the universe beyond anything any of us have ever seen.  The tiny pinpoints of light that can now be seen via powerful satellites and telescopes remind us that the universe goes on and on and on.

Sometimes I get on information overload and I almost wish for the days when I didn’t have to know every scary thing that is going on in the world.  I often wish the news media didn’t feel that I have a “right” to know about every violent act, or every breaking tragedy that exists.  Sometimes, I would prefer to look out at a pinpoint of light and only hope for the peace that might exist there.  Of course, when horrible disasters happen like the current one in Haiti, we have to know so we can help in any way possible and so we can pray bigger than maybe we have been for those in other countries.  My brief experience in Costa Rica helped me see another corner of the world in a way that makes me always feel connected to any of us who inhabit the earth.  After all, we’re all on a small, small planet together and we’re drifting around in a very big universe.

The good news for us is that God knew what He was doing when He put us here together.  He gave us a home base where we could work out our differences, embrace our similarities and exchange our knowledge for the good of all.  He gave us strong hearts and willing hands to pick up the pieces when life shifts dramatically.  He gave us a spirit of incredible determination to overcome those adverse things that could cause us to crumble.  He made us small, but mighty…at least as we hold on to Him and what He brought us here to do.

As you go about your business today, occupying your tiny space on the planet, please pray for your earth family navigating  this small sphere who need someone to see them, someone to raise their spirits, bring hope, healing, light and provision.  We are all God’s hands and though individually, we look a bit like the earth in a line up with Mars and Venus, when you take us all together we’re an endless source of possibility.  We are meant to do big things, to impact life in significant ways.  Each of us is called to offer hope.

Perhaps then it won’t feel like anything can overwhelm our spirits.  Earth may be a small fish in a big pond, but its Creator only checks the size of things in one way.  He checks the heart and what motivates it.  The bigger your heart is, the smaller the world becomes because no one out there is meant to be ignored.  Your light is what impacts the world and it’s called to shine in the darkness.  Illuminate the world however you can today.  Someone out there is looking just for you!

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