Memorial Day is a celebration of the lives of people who fought for a cause, stood for what they believed in, and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  For some of us, they were ancestors or friends.  Though this holiday was built around the fallen of the Civil War, we actually honor all fallen soldiers on this day.  We put out flags to show that we’re proud of our heritage and that we understand our freedoms and our dreams are often made possible by those who came before us.  Our job is to be willing to carry the memories and the stories and the things they stood for to future generations.  Our job is to stand up for what we believe.

Memories are beautiful things.  They connect our hearts to those we love, causing the years to slip into the background as sweet events of yesterday fill our minds. They give us a sense of belonging and provide a gift for our spirits of peace and joy.  When we have been blessed with happy times, we like to share our stories.  I believe the same dynamic is true of God.

God wants us to tell others of what He has done in our lives. He wants us to remember Him and tell  stories of His goodness. When I think about that, I want to share what God did to help Bruce and I move to Nashville. I’m still awed by the events that took place.

The first step was that He put two people in our lives in the same week who told us it was time to move to Tennessee.  It was amazing to us because it was only March and we had a lease in Florida that would run through September.  We couldn’t imagine being able to leave very quickly.  Prompted by these friends, we decided to look for airfare rates to see if we could manage a trip right away.  The flights would be at least a thousand dollars for each of us.  That didn’t feel like a good plan for us, so Bruce checked to see what he might have available if we booked the flights with miles.  He said that his experience was that they were never available at the time you really wanted them, often routed you all over the place, and usually cost a lot of miles.  To our amazement, we got flights exactly when we needed them, had only one stop from Ft. Myers to Nashville, and they were the cheapest rate the company offers.  Whew! That seemed like a God thing to us.

We came to Nashville for a long weekend, got an amazing rate on a rental car, didn’t need hotels because friends invited us to stay, and we found the house we now live in.  We have even more stories about how God showed up in that process, but the fact is, we rented a house in Nashville for April 1, our place in Florida was rented for April 1 and we were on our way.  Three weeks to pack, and as if we were not already awed with God’s grace in the process, we had one more amazing event.

We were trying to find the best option for moving vans and U-hauls and determine how to move that would be in line with our budget.  We shopped around and finally came up with the right plan.  It looked like the basic cost would be $4200.  We didn’t really have that much in our budget, but we prayed and left it to God.  Bruce just knew he could not drive a huge U-haul truck back to Nashville, since our last experience of that was pretty grueling.  Anyway, we booked the moving company on faith on Sunday.  On Monday, I had a coaching client call to make.  After we finished talking through her work, she told me that the Lord had spoken to her and that she needed to take her writing seriously.  That meant she needed to pay up front for her coaching sessions and she wanted to do it “right now.”  Of course, I tried to talk her out of that, but she insisted that this was the Lord’s doing.  And get this! She figured out what she would owe me until the end of the year, and the amount was $4200.00.

I don’t know about you, but when God shows up in a big way in my life, I want to share the joy of that experience.  I want to remember what He has done for the rest of my life.  If you have stories to share, you can always share them with me, because it does our hearts good to celebrate the amazing ways God enters our lives.  It’s all about remembering! image016