I have to admit that I wake up to a New Year with a little more optimism, a little more hope, a little more “maybe this year will be THE year” of my life.  I do that, but then I have to stop and think too about how I ground that, how I fit into the puzzle that will make some of those hopes actually come to fruition.  After all if only the OLD me goes into the NEW year, what really changes?   I’m not so good at making resolutions because like dieters who join gyms by the droves in January and leave before March, I know that I can’t just come with a temporary feeling of “I can do it” and then slip back to the old me when things don’t happen easily or quickly.  So, What’s New? What’s new with the YOU that will go into 2012?

What will you do differently so you get different results from last year?  What will you try that you have avoided for years?  What will you change?  As I was chatting with God in my morning prayers and thanking Him for this New Year, I felt a bit silly when He seemed to say, “You’re Welcome…but I give you a New Year every day….every time you wake up, you get to start the year over, to see it in a new way, if that’s what you want.  I make things NEW every morning, just for you.”  Hmmmm…I know…so what does that mean?  God makes things new every morning, but IIIIIIIIIIII keep them OLD.  I don’t take a new look at what is possible.  I don’t remember to be grateful for what I’ve learned and where I’ve been so that a NEW me can emerge and become more of what God still hopes for about me.  Yes, I need to figure out “What’s New?”

I don’t know about you, but something about this hits me square in the face, or the heart, or maybe just in that space where I like to think I have things figured out.  The fact is, it will only be a NEW YEAR if I help to create it that way.  It will only bring NEW hope if I share my heart and my thoughts and my dreams in ways that inspire new direction.  As you stop by and visit with me here, let’s help each other remember what we have that will cause NEW opportunities to come together, new possibilities to spill over into our lives.  Let’s ask each other “What’s New?” and really expect an answer.  Let’s help each other create a vibrant, faith-filled, glowing New Year.

The “new” me is so excited about our possibilities.  Let’s make it the best year ever!   Happy New You!  Happy New Year!