Recently, I had a chance to see the movie, Secretariat, with Diane Lane and some other fine actors.  As a movie, it started out strong and ended strong.  The audience was poised to win from the very beginning.

When we’re trying to win, we set a whole new dynamic in motion.  We know the outcome.  The outcome is to win.  It’s simple, but it quickly becomes diluted with the naysayers, the negative people whose influences are toxic.  Winners need faith!  It takes faith to keep going when everyone else says you don’t stand a chance. It takes faith when your spouse doesn’t see your vision, or your family doesn’t support your direction.   It takes faith when you try and fall down and try again to no avail.  It takes faith to keep believing when maybe your only hope is that you have backed the right horse.

Faith though is not really about the horse, or even about the people who surround you, it’s all about you.  The Bible tells us over and over again that if we believe we can move mountains.  If we have hope for things we can’t yet see, we have faith.  Faith isn’t a cookie cutter prospect.  It doesn’t work the same way for every person who signs up for it.  The one thing is constant though.  The One who made you, the One who believes in you, is the One who protects your faith.  That One is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  That One sees your effort and knows your name and wants you to win.

You have to run your race, as they say in the movie.  Only you can do it.  Secretariat ran against a lot of odds, establishing a winning record that has not yet been achieved in exactly the same way.  It’s your story too.  You are meant to win.  You will achieve in ways that no one else can because it’s your race.

Today, you have a choice.  You can feel the losses, or you can look for the win.  Your win may not look like anyone else’s so don’t try to see how it compares because it doesn’t.  You and God know what creates a win for you.  Pony up to the gate then and get ready to run!  It’s your day to win!