When I wrote my piece called JUMP yesterday, I didn’t know till I got all the way to the end, (and those of you who write will understand this too) that the one thing that really was meaningful for me in a BIG way was the idea that Jump for me, means Jesus Understands Me Perfectly.

Perhaps in your family or your circle of friends, or in your workplace, you feel somewhat out of sync with the rest of the people you know.  Maybe you have some sense that you’re marching to a different drummer, slightly off kilter for the things that inspire confidence or at least “okayness” with others.  That feeling of being out there, doing your “own thing” has great advantages and disadvantages.  We’ve nurtured doing “our own thing, or doing it MY way” for some time and so there’s some comfort in that.  Where it isn’t comfortable is when everyone around you seems to think you just aren’t getting it right.

You start finding yourself in a lot of conversations that use words like “should” and “you can’t” and other ideas that mean you’re not on the right track or at least you’re not moving along the path that is comfortable for others.  What do you do then?  Do you please the friends, the family, the crowd and forget the path you felt led to follow?  Well, you can.  I certainly am not one to say “you should.”

Do you hang out there doing what you believe God would have you do and yet look to the world like you’re failing miserably?  Well, that’s between you and God so I can’t answer it for you.  All I’m realizing for myself here is that I do have one clear message that is worth my listening to, worth the jump.  Jesus Understands Me Perfectly.  If I believe that, then I must keep my consulting with Him, trusting that He hears and that He is working all things together for my good.  I must then be mindful of those who extend words of Grace, knowing they have been guided in some way to support me.  I must be clear with those who do not experience that form of Grace and know that though they may indeed have the best intentions toward me,  they may not be the best advisors.

Consider Job’s friends.  They came to comfort him in his great trial before God and one by one, all four of them brought only more pain, more grief, more misguided information to the man who was struggling to believe.  In the end, God chastised Job’s friends for having such little faith in Him.  It’s difficult to know in any situation exactly what it means to listen to the wisdom of others, and what it means to trust in the God of your heart.  All I know for sure, to borrow a phrase from Oprah, is that Jesus Understands Me Perfectly.  I’m pretty sure He understands you in the same way.

When all else makes no sense to you, go back to what you know.  Go back to the Source of all good.  You’ll find the answers.  You have a JUMP start!