Sometimes I’m not far from the edge, just a few short steps from taking the plunge!  It’s okay, I tell myself.  Go ahead and jump!  When every door I try to open slams shut again before I can even blink, and every avenue looks like a one-way street moving the other direction, I start to get a little bleary-eyed.  My vision gets warped and everything around me looks downright impossible.  That’s when I start thinking about jumping.  Now I’m not talking about jumping off of bridges or fifth floor balconies, I’m talking about jumping into something, trying something that I never tried before because all my old efforts just aren’t paying off. It’s a good idea.  It’s a bad idea.  It always depends on the jump I have in mind.

The first jump I really have to take is more like a leap.  It’s a leap of faith.  I have to look at the JUMP and hope it stands for something like “Jesus Understands My Predicament!”  If God understands that my life is upside down and inside out then I have a shot at fixing it because I’m not stuck here doing it all alone.  In fact, it probably doesn’t get better than it does when I finally bow out of being the one in charge and start letting go of the plan and waiting, waiting, waiting for God’s plan to take shape.  After all, if Jesus Understands My Predicament, then He will provide an answer.  He probably just needs me to jump out of the way.

Most of the time, the problem is that I think  of the word JUMP as meaning, “Just Use My Power”  meaning something like I think I actually have some kind of power, or that I have some ability to get in control of things.  If I could be in control of course, I’d make things happen.  I’d find the ideal work situation, the ideal partner, the ideal product to create and the world would look pretty darn good because I’d be sitting right on top of it.  I’d be able to see just what all those other people who succeed in making big bank accounts and big opportunities see.  I’d be one of them because I Just Used My Power to get it all done.

Aha!  That’s the rub then.  God knows something about power and He knows that on my own, I’m not going to handle power well or power will not handle me well and then I’ll be out there wandering around wondering just what happened and be forced to JUMP again.  Fortunately for me  Jesus Understands My Personality, My Pride, My Passion, My Pitfalls, and My Purpose and He is ready to take me to the mountain top to get that clearly established.  He just needs me to stop pretending that I know how to get there.  He needs me to stop looking at everybody else as though they know something I don’t.  The truth is that He and I are in this dance quite apart from the dance anyone else is doing.   We’re a rather exclusive couple in that regard.  He’s asking me to follow in his steps, move as he moves, and feel the music.  He knows the way for me to go dancing with the stars, playing in the universe, enjoying all that He meant for me to have, becoming what He meant for me to be.

JUMP, He says to me.  Jesus Understands Me Perfectly!  That’s all I have to know.  I’m ready to dance again.