I’d be the first to admit I have a simple faith.  I try not to complicate it with the ticker-tape madness that runs across the CNN screen, or the news that’s never really fit for human consumption.  I just returned from ICRS, which many of you know as the Christian Book Show in Atlanta.  It was a joyful collection of those who aspire to make the ways of God more known to the masses.  It’s the aspiration of each person there, that we might keep the darkness somewhat at bay, and find a way to hold up the light for ourselves and others.  The show has changed over the years.  In some ways, it’s not as overwhelming as it once was, but in other ways, it seemed more focused.  It was clear that those who were there had a mission and a reason for being.  They were not just after a share of the market, but a share of your heart.

Personally, I’m somewhat removed from “religiosity.”  My God is personal and I like it that way.  I look for His heart in everyone I meet, seeking His light and His face in those around me.  When I don’t see it, I try to turn up my own light that He was so kind to give me some years ago, so that maybe for a moment I can light the way for someone else.  The beauty of all that is it helps me to overcome the world, the hardships and the heartaches.  We all have them, but we don’t have to keep our focus on them, we don’t have to end up thinking that the dark has overcome us.  It hasn’t.  It won’t.  It never can.  One of my favorite devotionals, God Calling, has a comment that says, “Only in that fullness of spiritual things can the heartsick and faint and weary be satisfied, healed, and rested.”

As I walked the convention floor and observed the buyers and the sellers, the various lights, looking for ways to greater impact the darkness, I was renewed.  My heart began to soar as I realized that I’m not alone, you’re not alone, and no matter what happens out there, outside of us, nothing can compare to what is happening inside of us.  Nothing can shut off the light you’ve been given.  It’s eternal!

So let’s go out there today, letting go of the fears and slippery slopes we might feel from the world spinning like a top, and remember that we live in the unencumbered, simple truth, of God’s saving grace and love.  He defines Himself for each of us, guarding who we are and guiding us to do one simple thing…love each other.   I salute His light within you and within me.  We’re going one better that Motel 6…we ALWAYS keep the light on for you.

So with one more quote from God Calling, I say, “Look for the loving, the true, the kindly, the brave in the many all around you.”  When you do, the world becomes simple again.  Big love to you today.