Last night I got to see the power of letter writing in a new way!  As the scenes unfolded in the life of a family dealing with the realities of brain cancer, the scenes of my own life and those of friends came into play.  Every one of us is touched by cancer, by loss, and the emotional toll it takes on the heart and mind.  Letters to God illustrates the point of how connected we all are to each other and how that connection strengthens our faith in the One who made us and walks with us through every life calamity.

Should you see Letters to God when it comes to a theatre near you?  No…not if you’ve never been touched by sadness or the incredible pain of losing a child or someone you love to cancer.  Don’t see it if you think God is no longer in the miracle business or that every day people have nothing to say about His power.  Don’t see it if you think all movies should be about sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

But do see it, if you understand our common humanity.  See it if you are still hoping that somehow God is with you through every trial you have to face.  See it if you’re looking for a heartwarming, life-changing, incredible experience that reminds you that even an ugly word like cancer doesn’t get the final say, doesn’t get to write the whole story.  Letters to God reminds us that whether we pray daily, read our Bibles, speak the lingo, that nothing in that will keep us from pain and loss.  It reminds us that  whatever our circumstance, we still have hope.  We still have somewhere to go and if it works best for us to write out our thoughts to reflect the pain and joy and anguish we might feel, then sending God a letter is a very practical vehicle.

You may see the movie and think that there are scenes you would have done differently.  You may think that one character or another needed more development, but regardless of those things, I can promise you will be changed.  You will think for a few moments, a few weeks and maybe for a lifetime that there is nothing you and God and your friends in this world can’t handle together.  You will want to be part of the movement, part of the cast, because the truth is you are.  This story could be your story or that of friends you know.  It’s the story that is rewritten every day by millions of cancer families, cancer survivors, and cancer victims.  Beyond cancer, it’s the story of finding strength in a community of believers, those who trust that in God there is still peace and potential joy regardless of the outcome.

I’m going to go write my letter now.  I want to get it in the mail because after this movie, I’m sure that God will be overwhelmed by all those whose prayers and letters will be bombarding the gates of heaven.  The good news about that is He is waiting with his arms outstretched to receive them and His smile radiates pure hope.

Thanks to my friends Kim Dawson, David Nixon, and the actors who gave us the gift of this movie.  If the heart could give out Academy Awards, this one would already be in the winner’s circle.  Bravo and thanks be to God!

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