If you’ve ever tried to start your own business, even a very small one, you’ve probably been encouraged to create some kind of business logo, something that will help your customers find you and identify you by what you do.  It’s a good idea and one that clearly works because we are all brand conscious.

The trick is to try to identify yourself in one or two words or with some kind of picture that others will immediately get so they ‘ll connect with you.  After all, we’re already trained to look for logos and icons.  We appreciate symbols in our culture because they help us navigate the landscape.  We get direction from traffic signs, church designs, and the wedding ring on a left hand.  It all helps us know something about a person pretty quickly.

The question is who are we and what icon will actually tell our story best?  What symbols can we create that will give others a real picture of who we are and what we do?  It’s a clip-art world and it’s not always easy to identify those who know who  they are and what they do, from those who have landed on good packaging.

Sometimes I find it gratifying to realize that God didn’t put Jesus in some kind of big package presentation. Imagine what he could have done with the guy who was not only going to be the greatest teacher ever, the most quoted man on the planet, but also the Savior of the world?  If he was going to package Jesus in a way that demonstrated all that he truly was and is, it could have been difficult to do in one short icon.  Oh sure, we can understand a manger or a cross now because we already know him, but there may have been some real wisdom in the willingness Jesus had to just let his ministry go viral.  No need for a lot of fancy packaging, just genuine person to person, heart to heart, authentic interactions.

As I look at moving into more changes in my own life, setting up another website, changing my logo, defining who I am, I want to consider the real story, the one I really want to share.  I want to turn up the light of joy and grace in any way that God wants to move me.  After all, I’m just the story teller.  He’s the story!

For now, I guess I’ll simply have to put a clip art version of me in the logo and bring the real me to the table any time we get a chance to be together.  For any of us, the important thing is to tell the real story because you may have more readers than you think!