Did you ever lose something, search frantically for it, then try to back track and figure out just where the thing you’re searching for may have gone?  If you were lucky and you lost your treasure in a public place, you may have stumbled across a big sign along the way that said, “LOST and FOUND.”  Oh, now there’s a place to start searching again.  Now you can rummage through other lost things and find what you’re missing.  Of course, if you think about it, the thing that was lost doesn’t “know” it was lost.   It was safely being kept in the “Found” box all along.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes life comes at me in such a way, that I just feel lost.  I don’t realize I have been sitting in that one safe zone marked “Lost and Found.”  I don’t realize that even though I feel lost, I’m not.

How does it happen you wonder?  How do you go from being secure and happy to feeling somewhat left behind?  Of course, the “How” doesn’t really matter because the fact is that you are where you are. You know you must choose to discover what all lost things must discover, that there is a way to be found.  That  means you may have to accept where you are for now.  You’re actually safe there and you can wait with an open heart and a hopeful spirit, anticipating the day you’ll find yourself in a better situation, a more fulfilling relationship, or a more exciting job.

There’s an adage which reads, “All who wander, aren’t lost.”  I encourage you, if you’ve been feeling like I have recently, somewhat uncertain of where you are, somewhat disconnected from all the things that usually make you feel whole and complete, that the truth is still one of hope.  The truth is still that the One who created you knows where you are at every moment.  He knows what you need.  He knows every ounce of your being and does not want you to suffer a sense of loss because He’s there, wrapping His love around your heart, shining His light into your soul, ready to claim you from whatever “Lost and Found” table you might be on.

You may not recognize it today, you may not feel it tomorrow, but no matter where life takes you, no matter how many losses you sustain, your hope is sure.  You’re in the good news Lost and Found.  Your hope is always in the One who is seeking your highest good, finding new doors for your dreams, opening new paths to joy.  You’ve been found!  Here’s a big hug for you!