Last year, I was blessed to do a book called Heartstrings with a Lifeway publisher.  I thought I’d share a piece from it with you because we can always use a gentle tug on our own heartstrings.


Now the end of all things is near, therefore, be serious and disciplined in prayer. Above all, maintain an intense love for each other, since love covers a multitude of sins.  1 Peter 4:7-8

You can’t fake love! You don’t want an imitation.  Love simply has to be authentic or it’s nothing at all.  But watch out!  The imitators are everywhere.  They shine like a sparkler on a hot summer night and fizzle out just as quickly.  They can’t sustain the facade and they fade away.  Thankfully, you have examples of real love, the kind that is sustainable through thick and thin, through chaos and calamity.  This love sticks by your side, waits for you when you need space, and comes back to hug you any time at all.  This love is the kind God Himself wants you to have because it is genuine and there’s no need to pretend anything.  This love is the kind that God has for you, genuine, steadfast, and always faithful.  It’s powerful love and nothing can burn it out!

As human beings we fail at love more often than not.  We get caught up in our own plans, our own aspect in the mirror of life and we don’t reflect genuine, generous love as well as we might hope.

The good news is that God’s love is so great, so brilliant, that He continues to shine a light into our hearts so that we can see his example.  We turn away then from our own reflection and begin to let the light of His Spirit flow through us.  It works within our brains until it finds its way to our hearts and then we know what to do.  We don’t want anything to be an imitation.  The people around us are not figures we look at through a glass panel.  They are not part of a wax museum, almost real, almost within reach.  No, the people around us are living and breathing and hoping that love, real love will come to them and cause them to stand up and take notice; that it will change their lives forever.  You have that kind of love to share.

God is sending you out today to shine His light of love on the people around you.  Melt their hearts, hold their hands, and tug at their heartstrings.  They are tired of the imitations.


Sending big love to all of you today!image016image008