Love should be shown without pretending.
Romans 12:9

T.V. ads are always aimed at striking a chord about how to get a little more love into our lives.  If we join the right dating service, love will magically appear because we signed up and paid our dues.  If we wear the right make-up, or drive the right car, love will show up because we’re so fashionable.  If we have an I-Phone or the latest Apple from the techno tree, love will come because we’re just so fascinating.  Yet, the fact remains that millions of people roam the planet, some of them are even in relationships, but they still haven’t quite figured out how to feel loved.

It seems to me, no matter how we address the idea of love, one thing remains true, you simply can’t pretend to love something you don’t. Sure, you can try it on, test it out, and see if it happens, but eventually you’ll set it aside because it simply isn’t genuine. It simply isn’t the real thing.  One more Coke is not going to put the fizz in that relationship, so you move on.

Of course, great imitators are out there.  Those are the experiences that pass as love for a time, even seem real for a while, but then they can’t sustain the lie, and so they fade away. As a way to gauge this kind of thinking for yourself, you could try to put God into the equation as your test case. What if His love wasn’t genuine? What if he was only pretending to love you? Where would you be?

The fact is God can never be anything but genuine and real. He is love. He can only be love. We fall far short of that mark, but He loves us anyway. He says keep trying. Keep following my example and I’ll help you get a sense, a better idea of what real love is all about.

He provided us with amazing examples through his disciples and through some contemporary figures like Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, and others you could name.
Mother Teresa said this about love. “Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house…let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” Imagine if every person who entered your door, left feeling more content, and more loved.  The world would be a better place instantly.  You can’t fake that kind of love.   Wherever you are today, put on love and share it, wear it, and carry it into everything you do.  Accept no imitations!