Feel the love…celebrate it…it’ll do your heart good!

Perhaps you think Valentine’s Day is a bit hokey, but a holiday set up to remind ourselves how important it is to love and to be loved, is brilliant.  Whether we send or receive hearts and flowers from a significant other is only the tip of cupid’s arrow.  Love is everywhere today…it’s in the air!

Oh, sure, you may think you’re past all that stuff, that you have outgrown the hearts and flowers gig.  After all, intellectually you accept the fact that there are people who love you and people you love and well, that’s enough.  Is it?  Is love meant to be simply accepted like something on a check-off list?  Oh, let’s see, get a job, clean the house, love, go to the grocery store.  If it is, put it at the top of the list today and see what you can do to make it a cause for celebration.

You may not say it with greeting cards and flowers, but imagine a bigger picture of love.  Imagine God sending you a Valentine.  Imagine that the message God sends everyday to you actually gets through this time.  God loves you.  Okay, so what does that mean you might think.  I still don’t have someone to hug, or I don’t have enough income, or I don’t have many friends, or the list of what you don’t have goes on.  So how do you feel the love…God’s love?

My first thought is to suggest that you experiment a little.  Sit down and send God a love note, adding in thanks for the things you do have, plugging in more directly to the electricity that love generates.  Feel it.  Share it.  Let God feel your love without conditions and expectations and maybe, just standing there in His Sonlight, you’ll start  warming up to the idea of His love in a new way.  Take it a step further then, and give a little love to your neighbor or someone you work with. Do something unexpected to lend a hand or to simply be kind.  The love will show up.

Love is an everyday thing and it is expressed in millions of ways and yet many people still wonder why it eludes them. Perhaps what we find elusive is the idea of romantic love,  built up in the world as being what love is.  We forget then that love is a beautiful form of energy that radiates to everyone and everything around us when we’re willing to let it rise to the surface.  It motivates us to volunteer at the Humane Society, to build a house with Habitat, or to go to the library and read to little children.  It holds the hand of someone in pain and it listens with an open heart.  It’s a verb, a word of action and good deeds.

Whether or not love is all there is as an old Beatles song relates, rests with you.  Love is what matters when everything else is gone.  Love reaches down and pulls you up.  Love sees you wherever you are and seeks to strengthen you in all you do.  Love is what Valentine’s Day is all about, but more than that, it’s what God first brought to us.  We love because HE first loved us.

Consider yourself hugged…the perfect Valentine…totally loved!

Happy Valentine’s Day!