As a veteran of dating sites like, I have been known to grouse at God and shake my puny fist.  “How would you like it, (I have even thought), if you had to post your life story on a and hope for suitors, even the love of your life?  It’s not exactly a good time to walk through the mazes of relationships only to come out in a dead end, again and again.  Of course, I found myself musing further about the idea of God and me on a dating site and created the piece that follows, an excerpt from my Wellspring devotional book…

If God searched a dating site to try to find you, chances are  he would be intrigued by your profile.  After all, you’re unique.  As He reads more about your incredible attributes, your great smile, your exquisite charms and your amazing work life, He pauses with interest at the place in your profile  that says, “Spiritual, but not religious.”  He can’t help smiling at that because He knows you are indeed a spiritual being, a body wrapped around a spirit as it turns out, so this one makes him wonder.

What do you mean by that?  What is “religious?”  Does that mean you go to church every Sunday?  Does it mean you do something “religiously” like drink coffee every morning at eight?  Does it mean you’re a “holy roller?”  (Another term that makes him laugh right out loud).   You’re definitely spiritual and God is Spirit, so this observation begins to feel like a “match made in Heaven.”  Since you put up a post on God’s version of, he can only assume you’re actually looking for a relationship too.  You may not know exactly what you want, but you know you need something more solid and intentional in your life.  You know you need real love.  Yes…you’re both searching for each other.

What would God post about himself?  Humble, devoted, faithful One, seeks same.  Or, King, philosopher, creative genius, dust collector…searches the heart.   The joy for me is that it was by His invitation that I answered His ad a long time ago and we’ve been building our relationship ever since.  So glad we found each other.  We really are a match made in Heaven.

Is it time to update your profile?