A Question of Trust

“A penny for your thoughts,” he said,

Standing by my side,

“Tell me where you put your trust,

What is your daily guide?”

“Well, that’s a funny question,

Of that, I have no doubt,

I’m sure that I trust lots of things

As the days go in and out.”

“Give me a good example,”

He prodded me again,

And so I said, “I trust myself,”

(Well, I do so now and then.)

So you trust yourself a little,

But is there something you trust more?”

“Well, I have to say I don’t trust life,

The way I did before.”

“I used to trust the government

And I used to trust my health,

But now I know that neither one

Assures my joy or wealth.”

I used to trust my stocks and bonds,

My plans, when I retire

But now my stocks are all but gone,

And it’s hard to be for hire.

So, I guess it isn’t in myself,

Nor in the heads of State,

It isn’t in the car I drive

Or the food that’s on my plate.

It isn’t in my friendships

Or in the family that I love,

I guess the only place for trust

Is in Our God above.

As I finished my soliloquy,

The man had gone away

And in his place, upon the ground

A copper penny lay.

And so I stooped to pick it up,

And there amidst the rust

I saw that sweet reminder,

That it is In God We Trust.

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