Some of you may remember the sketch Mike Myers did on Saturday Night Live of his over the top Jewish character, Linda Richman.  It was a popular piece lasting six years and bringing untold memories to viewers.  Linda, with her highly polished long nails and big hair would take calls from local viewers and sometimes get “faklempt” in the process and have to have the audience “talk amongst yourselves.”  Her heroine was Barbra Streisand and so most shows had a bit about Barbra and how her singing was like “buttah.”  It was fun TV and the character was created around Myers’ real-life mother-in-law. When Barbra made a surprise appearance on the show, the crowd went wild and the actors had all they could do to stay in character.  Myers pulled it off by saying “I can die now!” as his Linda nearly passed out with the utter joy of it all.

No doubt there are those who would find this sketch offensive for one reason or another, somehow disparaging Jewish women or women in general, but it was in fact a great sketch for being able to laugh at ourselves.  Linda Richman came to viewers with her whole personality in tact, always giving some almost totally irrelevant moment to discuss something when she was faklempt.  For example, she would say, “chickpeas, neither a chick nor a pea, discuss…”

Borrowing a moment from the sketch, I’d like to bring “Coffee Talk” back to the screen, at least the computer screen.  I’d like to celebrate the things that make us laugh because they are universal in every culture, be willing to admit vulnerability and feeling faklempt and discuss the mysteries of the world around us that actually don’t really make sense much of the time.

As a New York born and raised girl myself, I invite you for coffee any time.  Let’s talk.  Let’s laugh about those things that are truly funny, embrace the things that fill our hearts with blessing, and hold hands any time we disagree with how the world should look. If we do that, we can be friends forever.  Coffee talk is always about building friendships and most of us thrive with personal and meaningful interaction with others to help us stay grounded (no pun intended).

Today I invite all my friends to sip and savor more of life, toss out the old filters where the grounds aren’t meaningful and bring on the vanilla beans and talk a latte.  Coffee talk is fun, brave, flavorful and keeps you coming back for more.  It satisfies a craving for a kind of connection, something I sense even God would applaud in us.  In fact, He might really love it if we came together with Him, inviting His Spirit to touch the joy, the vulnerability, the mystery of life and bringing us together as friends.  In John 15:14, Jesus even said, “You are my friends.”

So come on over, we’ll have coffee, we’ll talk…and we’ll pray, and we’ll laugh, and we’ll hold hands and hearts and recognize once again what it means to bless the differences and the similiarities that make us all real.  Why the very thought of that is making me faklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves…bellybuttons…not really your belly, not really a button…discuss!

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