At times, we each may question the motivations behind the things we do.  We may try to second guess our actions, may wonder if it’s worth the risk, may judge ourselves unfairly.  It’s good then to listen to the guiding voice within our hearts and minds that is working to give us a more abundant life.

I appreciate this piece, re-crafted from another writer.   It echoes the sentiments of the popular Martina McBride song…Do It Anyway!  See if these nuggets of thought resonate with you.

People can be unreasonable and unpredictable and self-centered…love them anyway!

If you volunteer to do good things, people may question your motives and tell you you’re not thinking clearly…do good things anyway!

If you become a success in business or in life, you’ll threaten your friends and your enemies alike…become a success anyway!

If you’re honest and vulnerable, people may take advantage of you…be honest and vulnerable anyway!

If you dream of great things, but only get to do good things, you may question your dreams…but keep dreaming of great things anyway.

If you try hard and win for a moment, you may lose in the end…try hard anyway!

If you love with your whole heart, you may still get your heart broken…love with your whole heart anyway!

If you pray to God, you may have days go by without hearing His voice or getting any answers…pray to God anyway!

If you do your best, give generously and love the people around you, you may never know just what it meant to others…but be grateful…and do your best anyway!

Whatever you have to offer, whatever you can give, there’s only one you, called to a purpose, guided by a Gracious spirit!  Where your heart guides, blessing resides. So go on, be your amazing self.  Do it all!  Do it well!  Do it with love!  Do it anyway!

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