Since we’re heading toward the official greeting card love day on February 14th, I thought it would be fun to offer some quick thoughts on what love is, to me, maybe to you, or maybe just to spark some thoughts for your own Valentine.

Love is…

  • someone who opens the umbrella before you step out in the rain
  • a hug just when you need it most
  • a sweet, but needed apology
  • someone who genuinely wants to know just about you and how you are
  • a smile on a cloudy day
  • an unexpected angel
  • chocolate kisses
  • gifts of conversation over hot lattes
  • families around the dinner table
  • heads bowed at church
  • holding hands any time at all
  • prayers said for a friend in need
  • phone calls just to bring you joy
  • apple pie any time
  • the smell of bread baking
  • hiking through the rain forest
  • the perfect word spoken at the exact moment you need to hear it
  • reaching out when you’re slightly afraid
  • receiving in joy when you’re more used to giving
  • believing, even more than seems logical
  • stepping up with no hesitation to help someone else
  • stepping back to let someone else shine
  • holding on with hope
  • cheering someone else’s good fortune
  • the sparkle in your eyes when you tell a good story
  • the champion of your heart
  • what God does unconditionally
  • forgiveness
  • your favorite pet
  • holding someone in your heart no matter what
  • offering blessings
  • flowers
  • a child’s precious smile
  • a beautiful song
  • a poem
  • baby toes
  • sharing a book
  • being more than kind
  • being authentically yourself
  • a true friend
  • a peaceful heart
  • respecting each other’s gifts and needs
  • floating in the hot springs
  • quiet synchronicity with someone special
  • a back porch on a spring evening
  • the moon from a hot tub
  • pasta on a stressful day
  • friends beyond measure
  • you

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Let everyone near you know you love them every chance you get.

Blessings of love to each of you.

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