I don’t usually use this space to tell you about my books, but today I wanted to mention that I have two new books coming into the stores any day now from my publisher at Christian Art Books.  The two books are called, Miracle Moments of Faith and Miracle Moments for Women.  As always, I’m awed at getting the chance to do this kind of work and feel like it’s a bit of a miracle any time a new book comes out.  If you take a look on my home page, I’ve posted some information about the books there and you’ll be able to learn more about their content.

What I want you to know though is that when I do a book like that, it’s not because I set myself up as some kind of expert in the field of miracles, or certainly not in the area of Biblical interpretation.  What I do instead is attempt to remind each of us that God is still very active in the world today and still doing those miraculous things that make a difference in people’s lives everywhere.  I love to remind you and me too that stories abound that clearly show His handiwork all over the world.  He is not sleeping.  He did not give up on creating miracle moments.  He has not forgotten you and what you need and what you hope for and each one of us, you and me, we’re all part of the miracle working power of God.

We each bring something to the party.  We’re His voice of praise to someone who is wondering how to get through the day.  We’re His eager song of joy at just the right volume when the music has gotten too low for someone else to hear. We’re a part of all that He has created, all that He meant for good and all that brings miracle moments into each of our lives.  You’re someone’s answer.  You’re someone’s hope.  You’re the right person in the right place at the right time and you have the gifts to share that will make a difference.  Someone needs your miracle help.  You don’t have to look far.  You don’t have to travel to a distant land.  You can begin miracle healing and miracle listening, and miracle hugging right in your own family, your own household.

The two new books that I’ve just created use some great biblical miracles to illustrate the points of how God works and how personal God is.  They also tell everyday stories from people who look and act and think just like you do, who know that they experienced a miracle in their life, a moment when things changed and they could see everything with new eyes.  It’s an incredible thing, something to long be remembered.

If you have more stories to share, I’d love to hear from you so that we can keep each other encouraged, lift up the One who does amazing things for us all the time, and make a connection as people ready and willing to embrace the moment.  This is a great day for miracles.  Let’s keep our hearts and our eyes open and get ready to receive all that is meant for us.

Here comes the sun!

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