We do a lot of talking these days about what motivates us.  Sometimes I know that I’m motivated by expectation, either my own of myself or what I assume others may expect of me.  I know when I don’t write a blog piece for instance, I’m a little put out, wondering why I didn’t do this thing that I actually love to do.  Sometimes I’m simply caught in the mists of doing other things, not sure where I’m headed or what prompts me to go there, but feeling like I just have to keep moving and maybe I’ll get somewhere.

You know the old saying that “if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter when you get there.”  Well, it may be so, but then how many of us actually KNOW where we’re going?   Most of us make assumptions about that based on history or interest, but the truth is, the path is never straight and we travel by some invisible route much of the time.  It’s a good thing to check in with our personal motivation center though.  What is it that really makes you do those things you do?

Desire, money, goal-tending, approval, self-expectation, someone else’s expectation, weather, time, greed…any number of things can motivate our direction.  As a faith-based woman, I’d have to say that I check my motivations against what I say I actually believe right out loud, but the truth is, even I’m not always sure what motivates me because it changes.  Some days, I can come to work and my spirit is jumping, my heart is pumping and I’m ready to change the world.  Other days, I can’t really face my work load, I’m on slow-mode, and nothing really makes sense or matters.  Is that because all the things I believed in two days earlier have suddenly changed and become unimportant?  No!

I’m awed at people who seem to always know the answers.  You can go to their blogs or peek into their lives and they just seem to have it all going on all the time. I imagine that somehow they don’t have to deal with the real world, things like wondering if they’ll have another pay check next week, or if someone will love them, or if they actually  have anything to offer.  Those people always have those things.  They have some sense of security that they created and achieved.   It is truly an amazing thing and yet I have to ask myself.

Would I trade?  Would I give up doing what I do if I wasn’t motivated by the idea that I have to keep surviving?  Would I stop writing or stop hoping or stop dreaming if there was a cushion under me?  If the answer is yes, then I really do need to look at what motivates me because it’s then no different than what motivates anyone else in business.  If I’m simply motivated by the idea of investing in my earthly future, then maybe I need to rethink things.

Back in the mists of what motivates me, I see opportunities to voice a little love, offer a different perspective, dance a little more, shake up my thinking and that of others, soften the blows of reality, and balance what life has to offer and what life imposes with a possible intersection of all that is Divine.  Whatever work we do, or whatever love we have in our lives, or however we lend a heart or an ear to our neighbor, let us be motivated by one pure thought…the one that chooses to please the Source of our humanity, and brings peace to our souls and spirits.  When I lose my way, I come back here to find the path again. I know I always need to sense the Divine in what I do.  That’s truly motivating!

  1. Brenda Smith says:

    What motivates me these days is thinking of ways to help those who are hurting. Those who are feeling the same hurt I am feeling. You immediately know and understand where they are. The look in there eyes is so painful. You just want to go give them a hug and whisper….it’s going to be alright. The need to help others has always been a powerful force in this world. We as a people do not enjoy seeing others in pain or in need, especially, if there is something we can do to alleviate it.

    We can’t do everything – but we can all do something!
    I believe that is a Divine thought. When we place other people needs above our own. Let us reach out and touch some body’s hand make this world a better place if we can!

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