As Mother’s Day comes again to be celebrated this weekend, many of us will do our best to visit our moms or call them or perhaps send a card.  We are blessed to have our mothers with us and we want to acknowledge that they still mean the world to us no matter how grown up we might be.  As I think about my own mother, I’ll be a bit saddened to realize that I can’t make a trip from Florida up to New York State to spend the day with her.  I’ll then think about all that she did to raise four daughters, doing her best to keep us clothed and fed, holding on through some pretty lean years and still keeping a smile on her face. She’s a woman to be proud of and I honor who she is and what she did to help me get to where I am today.  So, though I won’t be able to be with Beverly Moore, my own mother, I’ll certainly do my best to share my heart with her as many of you will do with your own moms.

I read an interesting ad this morning though on Groupon, you know the app that you can go to for coupons to your local restaurants or to take little trips around your area.  Groupon has quite an interesting coupon for Mother’s Day.  Basically, they will visit your mom for you.  That’s right, if you can’t get there yourself, a Groupon employee will adopt your mom for the day and visit her for you.  Not only will they visit your mom, but they will take flowers and gifts and then take her on a $5000 shopping spree.  They will let her know how much her advice affected them as they now try to “Play nice” and “Stand up straight.”  Yes, they will be you for a day.  Of course, this service isn’t exactly free.  It comes with a $25,000 price tag.

As I tried to grasp this concept, I wondered how a mom would feel if a perfect stranger came to her door, claimed to be me for the day and hung on to her every word, took her shopping and gave her a ride in a big limousine.  Would she feel like she spent the day with me after all?  Would I have to be suffering tremendous guilt to even pay for this adventure?  Hmmm…?

It’s an interesting idea and so I started also thinking about what it means to give our moms our presents or our presence.  My guess is that though a few moms might find this whole thing fascinating, most would prefer that card in the mail with your handwriting that says, “I love you.”  I suspect they’d prefer to hear your sweet voice on the phone or see your smiling face at the door.  In fact, I’d be so bold as to say that your presence in any form would be worth more to your mom than the Groupon extravaganza could ever mean.

In my heart of hearts, I believe that love is about sharing our presence, whether it’s with a physical hug or an emotional bond that will live forever…the kind of bond we have with the one woman who brought us into the world and helped us become who we are today.  God bless all the moms that make an amazing difference in the lives of their children.

And just one more note…  I suspect that my Heavenly Father has a preference too about these things.  My guess is that he far prefers my presence, my willingness to spend time just with him, over any other gift I might ever give him.  Your presence is a gift of love wherever you are.

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