I love the thought of angels

Anytime of year,

The way that in a moment

You simply feel them near.

I love the way they tiptoe

Through my life each day,

Giving unknown blessings

To things I do and say.

I love the Christmas angels

Who appeared one winter night,

Announcing God’s sweet message

Of his Son of love and light.

I love the angels everywhere,

For the million things they do

To help a friend or neighbor

Or reach out to strangers, too.

I love the special people


Who encourage us to smile

When life has overwhelmed us

And we’re lost for just a while.




I thank my own dear angels

Who cast away each fear,

And shine a light of hope

That helps me through the year.

I wish you Merry Christmas…

I wish you all that’s blessed

For you’re angels each with golden wings

And simply are the best!


A little Christmas card with love and joy…to all of you!