I’m working on a new book called Thanks for Being You!  I thought I’d share a poem I wrote for the book because it’s such a reminder of the kind of friend I always hope to be and the kind of friend I know you all are.  It goes like this:

The Tough Times Friend

When the weeds are growing taller

And the sunlight starts to fade,

The first thing some folks notice

Is the big ole mess you’ve made.

They check to see just what you’ll do

And they might mail you a letter–

They say they hope you’re fine now

And that everything is better.

The trouble is that trouble

Doesn’t bring a special hoe

To weed out all the obstacles

Where brand new seeds can grow.

And trouble won’t apologize

Or fix things in a hurry,

In fact it steals your choices

And leaves you just to worry.

But real friends walk right to your door,

And bravely ring the bell

With a bag of needed groceries

And some apple pie as well.

They fill your heart with laughter

And they listen to you too,

And then they put their hand in yours

And ask, “What can I do?”

And that’s how good friends manage

To plant joy where worry grew

And how they help to quickly fix

The things that bothered you.

And once the mess is over,

They remind you in the end

That nothing means as much to them

As being your good friend.

2015 Karen Moore/Thanks for Being You

Thanks to all of you who are such dear friends, offering support and love and encouragement over and over again.  Have an awesome day!

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