Maybe you’ve given up on actually creating New Year’s resolutions because you know that by the end of January you’ve already slipped back into your old patterns.  You didn’t mean to and it certainly wasn’t your intention because you know that you chose those resolutions with all clarity and soundness of mind and heart; you knew they were good for you.  You even knew you could do them if you simply made the effort.  Maybe you set some realistic goals, like not having to lose thirty pounds by February, but that you would lose one pound a week and make healthier choices.  Or maybe you said, “This is the year I’m going to really create a healthy savings account.”  You figured out exactly how much you could afford to save and continue to make ends meet, but somehow, it’s still not happening and it’s already the 29th day of January.  So, the list goes on, you really do want to do better and to form better habits, but the old patterns are just so comfortable.  What can you do?

Well, I confess you’re not in this alone.  I start each year on a lofty positive note.  I make my intentions known to the universe, and even seek God’s help in getting there, and then, life intervenes.  I start to question why I thought I could even achieve those goals or even if they are all that important.  So what do I do?  I have an idea.  We can work on this together.  That’s right.  I’m going to share my New Year’s resolution with you and you’re going to be my best friend, my ally, my mentor and make sure I do it.  You’re going to hold me accountable to the very thing I know I really want to do.  My resolution for January was that I would get back into writing a regular blog entry, at least three times a week.  In that resolution, I didn’t give myself room for excuses, like I was sick the first two weeks of January, which I was, or that I was traveling most of this week, which I was.  I didn’t give myself an out for when I’ve got too many deadlines, or too many dinners to cook, or too little time.  Believe me, I wish I had because then I wouldn’t actually suffer any guilt over not getting the blogs done.  After all, nobody knew I wanted to accomplish this goal but me. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell that you just heard was the one that gave me the answer.  Nobody knew what I wanted to do (accept God because I did pray about it), but that meant I wasn’t on the hook for it from other people, I didn’t really have to do it, did I?  So, dear accountability partners, now you all know.  Now all I have to do is think about how you’re wondering whether I’ve followed through or whether I’m serious about my intentions.  All I have to do is imagine your disappointment if I don’t do what I said I would do.  That is enough! That will keep me honest…and humble…and willing to make the effort.  So, thank you for helping me out here and if I can help you be more accountable just say the word.  After all, we actually are all in this together.  It’s that ripple effect thing.  Every time one person gets a little stronger, everyone else does too.  If you don’t think so, consider the days when you’re around people and your attitude is warm and positive and upbeat, and everyone else tries to jump on that wagon with you, seeking to be more like you.  Your light makes all the difference, cause it’s a cloudy world out there.  Let’s hold each other up to the light and help each other be more this year than we’ve ever been before.

Happy New Year!  You can do it!