Psalm 90 asks God to “Teach us to number our days so that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.”  I’ve read that Scripture many times, but it spoke loudly to me yesterday.

My husband, Bruce is good at numbering our days.  He knows that we’ve been married 265 days today.  He shares that message with me each morning as a song of praise.  He had sent me that loving message yesterday morning, just before he went for a walk and to do a round of push-ups like he does everyday.  He was in Denver on business and I was here in Florida. Within a half an hour of receiving the first message, I got another one…one where he was gasping for breath…one where he couldn’t breathe and was in terrible pain, one that sounded like his days might be over.

Every alarm in my system went off as I tried to figure out how to help. Somehow in his agony, he managed to reach his client, a pastor named Mark, an angel as I see him this morning.  Mark’s first feeling on seeing Bruce was the same as mine, that things were dire.  He went to work.

He anointed Bruce with oil and started to pray, keeping his hand on the painful stomach, getting him to the hospital and being a light to us both.  As we sought the Lord’s direction about whether I should go immediately to Denver, or wait to see what was needed, Mark helped keep us calm.

Bruce’s sister came to be with me and as we both tried not to panic, Mark prayed with us on the phone.  At one point he said that Bruce in his delirious state told him Jesus was there.  Mind you, I wanted that to feel comforting, but instead I was more afraid…afraid that Jesus was packing Bruce’s bags and getting him ready to go home.  As the day went on, I appealed to everyone who prays to stand with us and to pray and we were blessed by an outpouring of love and prayers.  As it turned out, Bruce had broken a vein and blood was spilling out over his muscle, causing incredible pain in his stomach.  A surgeon came by several times because they didn’t know if things were going to settle down. Pastor Mark kept praying and all of us kept praying too…you and me!

My husband walked out of the hospital late last night, well on the way to healing.  This morning, we are grateful and we realize once again how important it is to number our days so that we can apply our hearts to wisdom. We believe that God showed up for us and that He has an amazing plan for our work.  We are certainly wiser today and we will seek his continual presence for all we do.  Hold on to that thought. Hold on to the people you love most in the world.  Don’t forget to count each blessing God has given you.

When I think about all that could have happened, I can do nothing but humbly thank Jesus.  After all, only God would send a healing minister, one who knew the kind of prayer that was needed, one who could stay the entire day with a guy he’d never met before.  Does God know what we need before we ask…absolutely!  Is he bigger than whatever we face! Definitely!  Does he have a plan for our lives?  Indeed, he does.  Let that awareness strengthen your heart and mind today.I know it strengthens mine.

I’m looking forward to that plane from Denver tomorrow night!

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