No doubt, you’re busy.  Everybody is!  Each day challenges us to get out there and do our work and shine our lights.  It’s good!  We want to do just that, but every now and then, it would be great to see a neon sign glowing just for us that says something like “Oasis just ahead.”  Ah, an oasis conjours up all kinds of lovely thoughts, maybe even a chance to simply sit beside a cool stream and sip some pure water.

You know, King David had those thoughts.  In Psalm 42 he said to God, “Just like a deer that craves streams of water, my whole being craves you, God. My whole being thirsts for God, for the living God.”

“You’ve probably gone through some dry spells, times when you weren’t feeling particularly connected to God.  You may not even have realized how dry you were until you started feeling a little choked, like your throat was full of sand and your heart had lost its flexibility.  You needed water.  You recognized that your thirst was overpowering and you had to get water right now!  Finding a little cup of water, you took a sip.  You may have even soaked up the Sunday morning worship, or a podcast from your favorite preacher and then headed back out into the world,still somewhat parched. You needed more. You needed the Source of the Living Water, the well that never runs dry, the fountain of Life in order to be renewed again.  When you’re ready, there’s an oasis near you.  Seek it with an open heart and you will be refreshed the moment you drink from it.”    (adapted from my book, Wellspring)

Most of us need eight to ten glasses of water a day to keep our bodies healthy.  All of us need Living Water every day to keep our spirits healthy.  The Oasis is always there, just ahead, ready to satisfy your thirst.

May your heart, mind, and spirit be refreshed in God’s love today.