Oh, it’s that time again when the birthday fairy comes along and plops another big candle down into the middle of my life.  “Yup,” she says, “there’s no getting around it, you’ve just spent another year!”  Yipes!  She could be a little kinder.  I mean she could say that I’ve just completed a fabulous year and that my journey continues and with a little bit of faith, it will be an extraordinary year.  She could, but she’s just a little imagination fairy so what does she know.

I don’t know about you but every birthday for about the last ten, maybe fifteen has come with some fear and trepidation.  I’m on the edge of my seat wondering if I’m on the edge of my life or the edge of my destiny.  Whatever it is, it feels like an edge and whether you get to the edge and simply fall over it, or get there and sprout wings to fly, I’m not sure.

What I do know for sure though is that having a birthday isn’t about your age, it’s about celebrating the person you’ve become.  It’s about being on the edge of new possibility, of even greater wisdom and understanding, and about realizing you’ve come far enough to actually have a sense of where you’re going and what God wants from you.  You’re on the living edge of wonderful.

Sometimes when I’m facing the mirror and wondering if I’ll be able to tell that girl who still lives in there that she’s  okay, I have to smile at God’s sense of humor.  He gave us these bodies that have a mind of their own, changing, growing, carrying us around and yet, inside, the ageless person you are still exists, still looks out at the world and with child-like faith believes in every good thing, sometimes even in a little pixie dust.

When I think of all the people I’ve known that I would dearly love to still have around, who left this planet much sooner than would have been my preference, then I think having a birthday isn’t so bad.  Of course in my case, I was born on the Fourth of July so I guess I get to have massive celebrations with my country.  I kind of think that’s God’s sense of humor too.  After all, he knows how fascinated I am by fireworks and how blessed I feel to live in a place that allows me to freely love him in any way I choose.

So,  okay, blow out a candle for me wherever you are because I’m getting ready to open the gift of another year.  I can hardly wait to see how this chapter is going to develop.  The Author of my life is so Creative!!