Perception is a powerful thing! It can lead or mislead us before we actually know why we took a step. Most of us use this sensory mechanism to make choices and decisions that can have monumental effects on our lives. What you perceive and believe, gets taken into your heart where you then receive it. Personally, I’m fascinated by this concept because I operate (and most of my friends will be smiling here) out of my perceptive/feeling and intuitive place. That part of me is the motherboard of my whole thinking and believing process, and though it often serves me well, it can have challenges.

By now you know I’m a visual meditation person, and so here’s another example of one of those moments where I learned something valuable about my perception of things and it had to do with what I perceived to be an obstacle. In the meditation…

I was following Jesus as we walked along a stony path that was leading up to a mountain. He was a little bit ahead of me and for awhile I could see Him clearly and so I followed, certain of the path ahead of me. At one point though, I discovered a boulder, a gigantic boulder sitting in the middle of the path and so BIG I could barely see Jesus up ahead. I called out to Him rather weakly at first because I was so frustrated by the obstacle that would keep me from following Him and would surely get me off the path. I jumped up trying to see over the mammoth rock and could just see the top of Jesus’ head as He walked on. Finally, I shouted to Him that I was stuck!

As is His way with me, He turned and smiled and kind of shook His head. I could tell He didn’t see this as the challenge I did. Anyway, He turned back and walked toward me. As I watched Him come my direction, I realized that the closer He came to me, the less the boulder seemed to be there. By the time He reached me, the boulder was in fact, a pebble. He stooped down, picked it up, showed it to me, and tossed it aside with a grin. “Okay,” I said to Him, “I get it. If I just keep my eyes on You, I won’t see the boulders.”

That particular meditation has served me well many times. I remember that it was all about my perception. When I thought an obstacle existed, I believed I couldn’t get past it, then I received the idea that I was stuck and could achieve nothing. I don’t know about you, but I have to be watchful of my perceptions. Is the way I see something making it impossible for me to believe a truth? Am I looking at something so long that I’ve built it into a huge boulder of impossibility?

Today I invite all of us to watch our “stinkin thinkin” as Joyce Meyer calls it. We need to watch how we’re talking to ourselves, how we’re looking at others, how we’re facing our co-workers, or our sense of lack or whatever it is that is a boulder in our lives, and we have to refocus…get our eyes back on Jesus. After all, He’s still walking with us, going on ahead to make sure the path is safe and sure.

Let’s say with the Psalmist, “He only is my rock and my salvation: He is my defense; I shall not be moved. (62:6)

All right then, let’s perceive Him just ahead, believe He’s there guiding our way, receive His great love, and then achieve all He meant for us today. Blessings to you!

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