Samuel Johnson said “the applause of a single human being is of great importance.”  We all like a little praise.  We like others to notice when we do a good deed or we act wisely or we deliver an apt reply at just the right moment.  It makes us feel good when people notice us and it affirms to us that we’re doing okay, that we’re actually doing something good.

It’s easy to recognize that a little praise can go along way and sometimes when we don’t get affirmed enough, we even praise ourselves.  After all, if the people around us didn’t see the wonderful thing we did, well, we deserve a pat on the back even if it’s with our own hand.  We’re funny like that.  The interesting thing though is that we may well have been designed like that.  After all, our Creator loves it when we praise Him for all the good He does in our lives and in fact, we can imagine the music playing full blast, the karaoke performers letting it all hang loose in every style possible, because praise is music to God’s ear any time we offer it up.  Personally, I’m sure I have a lot to learn about both praising my friends and praising the God of the Universe.  I can know it’s a good thing, but still not realize how important the applause of one single human being can be.

King David was big on praise and often suggested things like, “Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with tambourine and harp.”  We might add drums and big brass bands, but you get the point.

I love this adaptation of John Milton’s work about praising the One who made us.  It goes something like this:

Let us with true heart and mind,

Praise the Lord, for He is kind.

His constant mercies long endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure!

Let us blaze His name abroad,

Let us honor Him as God:

He, with all-commanding might,

Filled the new-made world with light.

His hand alone supplies each need

Of everyone, of every creed.

He His chosen ones will bless

In our journey through this wilderness,

Let us with all heart and mind

Praise the Lord, for He is kind!

Applause!  Cheers!  WhooooHoo!  Thanks beyond measure to the God of the Universe.  Wherever you are, may He see you today and lavish Himself richly upon your life.  You’re one of His favorites!