Those of you who have spent any time with me know that I have a great love for putting my ideas into poetic form, so today, I thought I’d share this piece that serves as a continual reminder to me, to stay closely in touch with the things that matter to my heart.  See if this one resonates a little bit with you.


Rent to Own

“Rent to own” the square sign read

Posted on the door,

Blackened letters on some wood

With no need to say more.

It once had been a cozy house,

The picket fence was new,

And from the porch when tea was served,

It offered quite a view.

The rooms hugged all the laughter

Of friends who came to call

And I could just imagine

Children running through the hall.

But that was once upon a time,

A story line now spent

And so the house was beckoning

For one to own or rent.

It made me wonder just a bit

How it is we choose

The things that we might rent in life

And those we simply lose.

How do we ever find the key

To fit the things we’ve known,

How do we ever understand

What to rent and what to own?

The house just begged the question,

“How much will you commit?

Will you stay a lifetime here

Or for just a little bit?”

We often choose to wander

And go through this world alone

As though we’re simply renting life

With nothing we should own.

It’s not about the signpost

Or the houses where we sleep,

It’s all about just knowing

The things we’re meant to keep.

We’re meant to keep warm memories

And to share in love’s embrace,

And we’re meant to know we live each day

In God’s eternal grace.

So go ahead and rent the house,

Or buy it for a season,

But own the way your heart lives there

And let love be the reason.

Hope everything you own in life brings you enormous joy today and let’s own our love for each other.  Yes, I’ll buy that!

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