It’s just been a week since the stone was rolled away.  The Light that came from within that cave was blinding and breathtaking.  It had seemed like such a huge rock, how could it possibly be rolled away?  Yet it was!  Everything from that moment on has all been about the Rock and the roll.

Our Rock comes to redeem us every time we call His name; every time we roll back the blinders that keep us from seeing Him.  He never judges or ask where we’ve been, He just comes.  Like any loving parent, He comes when we call. When we allow Him to rise up and go before us, He gladly shows us the way.  Our Rock sustains us at every moment.

Some of us simply roll on though, still moving in our own direction, still sliding the stone back in place that separates us.  How can we roll away our doubts, our sense of unworthiness, and our apathy?  The obstacles, the stones that keep Him away from us, that cause Him to be still, are the ones we put in place.

Imagine that He is waiting right now for you to call, for you to ask His help in overcoming the barriers you’ve put up between you. Imagine how you’ll feel when you roll those stones away and see Him standing there in all His glory and ready to light your way through the rest of your life.

It’s time to rock and roll.  It’s time to dance. It’s time to know that the only thing keeping you captive is one simple stone.  God has already done the work though.  When you get there, when you are ready to make the call, you’ll discover an amazing thing.  The stone has already been rolled away.  Whew!

Nothing can keep you from building your life on the Rock!  Now that’s the joy of Easter!

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