I think of my home as my sanctuary, my sacred space.  It’s the place where I regroup my spirits, think my own thoughts and enjoy baking a pie.  It’s a blessed kind of space that I know doesn’t exist in every home out there.

I’ve always created a sacred space, but lately I’m more aware of some new definitions.  Generally,  my little corner on the sofa where I do my morning prayers and spend a few quiet moments each day is my sacred space.  It is, but it is only one.  The truth is this blog is a sacred space for me.  It’s the place where I can share my heart and my spirit with you and the opportunity exists for us to come away with a little more joy or a more positive perspective.

I suspect that the idea of church is that it too should be a sacred space.  Of course, we expect church to be that, but it’s not the “church building” that makes it sacred, it’s the interactions of each person, giving a hug hello, offering neighborly encouragement, praying together that makes it sacred.  It’s the spirit of each person, sitting side by side, pew by pew and sharing that energy that makes  it a blessing.  It’s those people in unison requesting time with the God of the Universe that makes the experience Divine.

It’s a sacred space anytime I do a meditation with my friend in Colorado, where we choose a time and meditate together from thousands of miles apart, but then we’re suddenly brought side by side, connected by love and spirit.

When I talk to a friend over a marble mocha frappacino with light whip at Starbucks, we create a sacred space.  We create a moment that only we can really share, that enlightens and entertains us so that we  go back out into the world refreshed and renewed.

When I pray, I create a sacred space between me and Jesus, the God of my heart.  It’s a special place for just the two of us, safe and personal.  It’s an empowering place, an authentic connection, freeing me to breathe in life and causing me to grow.

When I speak to a group of writers at a conference, or meet with a team of people to develop a project, it’s a sacred space, one that is filled with positive focus and blessed intention.  The intent for success projected by each one there causes the opportunity for divine forces to work well.

It even makes sense to me that a phone call with a dear friend, a chance meeting with a stranger where a real connection forms, or a moment that leads you to hope again, try harder, or see a different solution to life’s puzzles, creates a space that is simply divine.

Today, become more aware of those sacred spaces, those moments that deliver more power to your soul, more light to your being and more joy to your heart.  Those are the gifts, the blessings of the Spirit just for you.

Creating sacred spaces isn’t difficult.  You do it every time you let your light shine anywhere you are!

  1. Brenda Smith says:

    We are to be the light of the world. How can others see “Jesus” in us if we do not exhibit some of his characteristics? We need to show kindness, love, charity, gratitude, and hope. I believe for the most part so many people are without hope. It is very easy to lose your hope in this world. We look at all the bad that is going on around us. We start to lose things that are dear to us. But, we must remember that Christ in us is the hope of Glory! Keep your hope in Him and He will see you through any difficulty. He is your sacred space and he created YOU!!

    My sacred space is my prayer closet. It is sometimes the only place I can be totally me. I can be quiet if I wish, I can sing, I can laugh, I can cry, and I can pray and praise my God. It is never crowded because it is only room for He and I.

    Blessings to you today.

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