I don’t know about you, but I sure saw a white light last week as I watched the celebration of the beloved Betty White at her 90th birthday party.  What an inspiration!  I used to wonder how Moses lead people to the promised land when he was already a ripe old guy, or how Abraham and Sarah welcomed a child when they were old.  Imagine Sarah was Betty’s age when she had Isaac.  Do we get it yet that God can do anything and when it serves His purpose, He does!

I loved watching the veterans of the TV and film industry share their hearts and their wit with Betty, who took it all with grace and love.  She is a household word for trust and goodness.  Getting her endorsement on a product that is meant to offer wholesome goodness makes it a winner.  She’s lived fully, never giving up, suffering losses of some of the people she’s loved most in the world, and yet reaching out to save animals and give back to society.  She’s impressive!

So, as I mused about her birthday celebration, I couldn’t help reflecting on how often of late I’ve groused about having another birthday as though every candle in the cake was just another indicator that too many years had already been worn by this woman.  What could there possibly be left?  Whew!  What a silly thought!  I’m nearly a teenager in Betty White years so I must have a lot more to do, a lot more to become, and a lot more to learn.  I’m not a household word yet, so I may not be doing product endorsements, but surely God has plans for me too.  I see the light, I see the White light.  It’s time to do something more, not stop. It’s time to lead people, or bring new baby ideas into the world.  It’s time to sparkle and glow and love and give.  Wow!  It’s prime time!

Thanks to Betty White, a truly amazing woman, a gift to the world today and a real inspiration.  Thanks to the God of the universe who actually doesn’t much concern Himself with how old we are in body as long as we’re not so old in mind we’ve forgotten how to be of any use to Him.  We’re on the planet because we’re meant to make a difference, to add our unique character to the role we play just as clearly as Betty White has acted in her real life roles and TV roles.  We’re here to give the performance of our lives and we’ve all got a shot for the EMMY.

Yes, I think I’m going to go for it!  Let your light shine today!