Mother Teresa said, “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”  I love this quote for a number of reasons.   One of course is that I’m attempting to be some kind of “little pencil” myself.   I recognize that my effort diminishes quickly when I consider all the high tech instruments out there that can write circles around me, ones with better spell check modes or more erudite thoughts.

Getting past the exuberance I feel for my work and the condition of the tiny instrument I hold up to a great big God, I’m awed by the realization that no matter what little part I may choose to play, no matter how much I get right or not, there is yet a standing love letter filling the pages of the Universe.  Not only is the letter continually being sent, it’s always fresh and new and it’s personal.  It’s in God’s own hand writing. That same hand that wrote a list of how-to’s for His wayward children back in Exodus, is still writing.  He’s still communicating a message that most of us need to hear…we’re loved and somebody out there knows all about us and loves us just as we are.

Letter writing seems to have become passe´, something that few do and fewer yet take on with the kind of excitement and energy we discover in Victorian romance novels.  Why?  Do we no longer have a need or a desire to express love from the heart, from the very depths of our being in ways that only poets remember?  What happened to sharing love letters?  If you’re married, I would tempt you to consider taking up your little pencil and creating something unexpected, something perhaps even forgotten…a love letter to the person who means more to you than anyone else in the world.

Once you’ve done that, imagine how loved you are by the Creator of the universe.  Imagine Him sitting down and writing a love letter to you, affirming His great love, offering His heart and His support for all that you are and all that He knows you can be.  What an incredible idea!

Since I don’t have anyone to write a love letter to these days, I write them to you, to the people that fill my heart with great joy as I imagine all the good things you’re doing in the world.  I write to those of you I don’t even know to remind you that you’re not alone and that someone here supports you, encourages you, and hopes for your good and that your dreams will manifest.  My hope then is to keep my pencil sharpened so I’m ready for the task at any moment.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to truly be “God’s little pencil.”

As in the tradition of most letters of this sort, I sign off today, most affectionately, with love!

  1. Debra Stokes says:

    Thank you, Karen.
    It is true that the days of receiving handwritten letters from loved ones far away are gone. However, I refuse to believe that writing letters is a lost art. It is indeed a rarity, but heaven forbid that it be lost. I still pen handwritten notes and send them out fondly. It’s nice when God sends one my way. I receive it with unbridled joy!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Debra,
      It would be so lovely to sit down with you and have a warm chat over coffee. I anticipate that you would indeed write wonderful letters to those you love. Thanks for your encouragement and support here. Much joy to you. Karen

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