Sometimes I wonder what my portfolio would look like if I reduced everything that impacted me into a few photos and created a slideshow.  No doubt some of it would be rather random and I’d see silly faces staring back at me posing for posterity.  The fact is, if I could only have a dozen slides to show that would give me a pretty good picture of my life, I think I would have to include some of these.  The first one would be about growing up in upstate New York on a dirt road in a farmhouse that was 150 years old.  It was complete with the woods to play in and the hillsides to go sledding.  It was freezing in the winter and a kid’s paradise in the summer.  Yes, that would be a slide.  Then I’d skip ahead to my high school senior picture where I was too grown-up for my own good.  After that, would probably come the pictures of my babies, then my graduate degree photo.  On to the landscape at American Greetings or a picture of life in Colorado.  Those all seem like good pictures and yet, are they the ones I would hope to define who I am or what I want to accomplish?  Are they the ones that tell the real story of me?

When I look at old pictures, even those I find in archives of my own family, or people I don’t even know, I can’t help wondering about them.  I wonder if they figured out what they wanted to give, what they wanted to become.  I wonder if they were loved enough or if their faith carried them along to a place of peace and comfort.

Your life is full of snapshots of you. Some of them will surely make you smile.  Some of them will make you wonder just what you were thinking when you did that, and a few of them will shine brightly because they will be the gifts, the moments you captured of being the real, authentic, wonderful person you were designed to be.  Perhaps the photos aren’t documenting simply what was, but are actually casting the vision of what is or what is meant to be.   Go find an old photo of happy you, ready to take on the world, ready to achieve and believe and become all that you were meant to be.  Hold that picture up for yourself today and ask God to bless you, to guide you, to move forward with confidence that this is the you the world needs to see.   You’ve always had the vision!  Remember it, and go after it.

Smile!  You’ve got wonderful things ahead.  Let’s take another look at that slide!