I recently heard a story about a woman who was driving a little faster than the law allows, desperate to get somewhere, not really taking in the landscape or thinking about the path she was on.  As she drove through the country roads, winding around curves and zipping along the pasture lands, she came to a railroad crossing.  The crossing was one of those that was elevated so that you couldn’t really see the other side.  Putting her peddle to the metal, she suddenly saw what she thought was a person lying on the railroad tracks.  At least, she was sure she saw feet sticking up.

Out of curiosity as much as anything else, she slowed her pace.  As she neared the tracks that just moments before, she was prepared to simply fly over, she didn’t see the feet anymore.  What she did see though as she came down the other side was a large bull standing squarely in the road. Had she kept the speed she was traveling, certain disaster would have changed the course of her life.

Do angels make a habit of lying on the railroad tracks to slow us down when we’re just acting out, being a little crazy because life has gotten under our skin, made us feel like running away at top speed?  Angels may well do whatever they have to do to get our attention.  Most of the time, we’re running just a bit too fast to see them though.

Learning to appreciate all that God has for us, all the tools he’s provided to keep us healthy and well, takes time.  We grow holy slowly.  Most of us don’t run to the front of the class to see if we can be holy before someone else.  We don’t even notice or sometimes even desire to be a bit more holy and yet it is part of the journey, part of the plan to help us become more of what God designed us to become.

Maybe in this one area of life, it’s not a bad idea to be a slow learner.  After all, the things we take time to learn usually stick with us and provide a foundation for further growth.  The things we learn easily and quickly can fade away like a Friday-night dream.  God doesn’t seem to mind if we’re slow as long as we’re making an effort.  He may even prefer what some would call slowness because in those slower, quieter moments, we might actually hear him, actually see his feet sticking up before we go sailing into calamity across the railroad tracks of our lives.

You’re probably already on the move today, already warming up to the day.  Remember to watch your speed and take it a little slower when you cross over the areas you can’t see clearly.  God is already there, ready to guide you, if you just slow down enough to see him.

After all, he knows you’re becoming holy, slowly!  And that’s a good thing!