It’s a new day, a new you, and it’s the present and the future all rolled into one.  This day is not like any other because you don’t exactly know how it will unfold.  Oh, you may have your routine, up at dawn, jog through the park, coffee at eight and on to work, home by six, dinner on the table, kiss your spouse, off to bed…yes…it may look like that and if so, bravo, but, like I said, it’s a new day.

Can you feel it when change is in the air?  Is it like subtle winds causing you to look around to see their direction?  Is it that somehow the routine almost feels like you know it’s temporary?  As human beings, we’re in a constant state of growth and growth is designed to seek opportunity, and that opportunity almost always is connected to change.  Every time you determine to walk another step, seek a wiser course, or follow your heart, you’ll be faced with the winds of change and when they are intended for your good, they persist in a way that makes growing inevitable.

Victor Frankle said, “The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”  That’s not an easy choice to make when the circumstances seem unfavorable, but maybe we can go there with more confidence if we see change as an opportunity, a chance to grow and become more.

Think of yourself for a moment like a lush and beautiful potted plant.  You’re strong and healthy and the envy of the neighborhood because everyone who passes by notices you and fusses over you.  Your caretaker watches for the moments when you need nourishment and refreshment and prunes you ever so gently when it is time for new leaves to sprout so you can bloom more fully.  Yet, one day everything changes.  Your roots are suffocating in the pot, you don’t get enough sunlight, you’re feeling wilted and weary.  What happens then?

The caretaker comes and gives you an option.  You can stay in that comfortable pot, the one where you’ve grown so well and learned so much and blossomed so nicely, and have simply out-grown, or you can move on.  You can willingly be uprooted, transplanted to a new location, some sweeter soil, some refreshing spot that will give you the chance to bloom again, to grow hearty and strong and to become even more than you were before.  That’s the choice and that’s what change brings.

Oh certainly, it doesn’t feel comfortable at first.  It feels like you gave up a part of yourself.  You may even wonder if change is going to be good for you.  The thing is, change is an agent for good, a big neon sign waving itself in front of us with bright lights flashing to say, “Life has something more for you…God has something else for you…embrace the change!”

As many of you know, my friends tease me about being the “Start Over Queen.”  You know, I’m getting fairly accomplished at starting over.  I may not snuggle up to it every time or embrace it heartily each time that wind blows, but I can honestly say, there’s been a joy that came as a bonus with each move.  I’m certainly not against staying the course when that is clear for you, but I think it’s encouraging to realize that change brings new adventures, nourishment for the spirit, opportunity to embrace new relationships, stories to tell in fresh ways, new dreams to dream and new paths to walk.

Today, I encourage us to bow to the winds of change.  Bow with anticipation that when you lift your head again, you’ll be awed by the vision before you to see life, to see God, to see others in ways you never thought possible.  In fact, the most beautiful thing of all is that you’ll see you as a flower in full bloom again.  Now that’s a lovely idea to snuggle up to…oh, embraceable you…and that’s the gift of change!

All things work together for good to them that love God.  Romans 8:28

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