If you’re as familiar with Square One as I am, you may wonder why it is, that no matter how many moves you make to get ahead, you somehow end up back there.  You may have tried new things, pushed through the obstacles, found new doors to open, and yet, still, without warning, there you are…Square One!  What is it that sends you back to the beginning like a pawn in a chess game just when you thought you were finally making progress? What do you do now to motivate yourself to get back out there and try again?

Square One may feel like you fell down and skinned your knees, but let’s look at it again.  Standing on the first Square in any game, in any arena in life, means that you showed up.  It means that you are IN.  You believed enough in yourself to get in the game.  The first Square is where your coach is the loudest because you need a lot of instruction and it’s important to get prepared for all that is up ahead.  We might call Square One, the place where you’re willing to hear God’s voice the most.  After all, this is the space where you’re most uncertain about what comes next, most aware that you need help to move to the next step.  This is the connection Square then, the one where you know you’re not alone, that even if you jump out of an airplane, the Coach is tied to you and jumps with you.  Yes, Square One is the renew, refresh, and review square.

Square One is the safety zone too, the place where you can ask more questions and get answers.  It’s where you go back over the game plan and maybe find the reasons why you fell off the path as you worked your way toward your goal.  Going back to Square One then is not a punishment or a failure, it’s just a resting place, a chance to remind yourself of what’s important now.  When you were out in the game, you were so busy with the effort of your work and your dreams, that you may have lost sight of the goal, the one that you and God set from the beginning.

Did God send you back to Square One then?  I’m not going to suggest that He did, I’m just going to suggest that He’s there with another safety net, another smile because you tried so hard, and a reminder that you have a lot more information to keep moving ahead. In fact, now you may get around the board in record time. After all, life is a marathon and not a sprint, and you’ve jumped the gun more than once, or at least made a few false starts. So…it’s up to you.  You can sit in Square One and never try again to move on, always assume you’ll find yourself back there again, or you can rest, pray, renew yourself and get your new game plan together.  The One who directs your steps has been all around the board and knows every move and He waits for you on every square.  Get back in the game as soon as you can because there’s some wonderful moments up ahead that will make you feel like an Olympic champion finally winning the gold.

You’re awesome and it’s time to move again.  God bless you BIG!