Let’s start something!  I mean really!  Let’s pick something today that will start us on a new path, give us that rush of excitement and cause us to dance a little when we think about it.  Let’s make today count!  All clichés aside, let’s seriously find one thing that would make our hearts skip a beat and go after it.

Sure you’ve already done that, well, you may have some fuzzy memory of when you did that, and what happened?  What happened to the dream?  What happened to that thing you started with such hope and energy and possibility, when nothing could stop you?  I hope you are going to say that something great came from it, but if  you’re like most of us, perhaps something good came of it, but not everything you had hoped for came to fruition.  When you start and stop and start and stop and hope and try again, it can actually make you weary and make you think that your ideas weren’t really on target somehow.

Jump back!  I mean don’t go there!  You have excellent ideas and great possibility.  Are all your ideas going to make it to the Superbowl of dreams, probably not.  Are some of them?  Well, only if you keep them out there.  I have a friend who meditates with me and we have been putting our dreams in front of God for well over ten years together.  We laugh sometimes that since we started praying more regularly about our dreams, our lives have flip-flopped and turned upside down with barely an answered prayer in sight.  We’ve sometimes wondered if those prayers were actually the problem instead of the solution.  In some ways, I imagine they might be.

When we start something with God, He takes it on up to another level.  He may be saying our dream really isn’t big enough. There’s so much more we can have from His vast storehouse if we’re willing to be patient, go through the process, and persevere.  Regardless of that process though, the dream is important.  Starting is the only way to get there.  You may encounter the path in a way you never thought would happen, feeling more like you’re on the Yellow Brick Road, hoping for mystical advice that simply flickers and fades.  You may have to part a Red Sea to get past the life that still haunts you from somewhere back in time, or find a wilderness path that brings you to a horizon you never knew was there.  It’s hard to say where dreams can take you, but if you don’t start them, then you can’t get carried anywhere.

No matter how many times you’ve started out and turned back or turned around or turned upside down, I encourage you today to start again.  Grab an old dream or a new one and put it out there in front of you.  Dangle it like a carrot in front of your nose and chase after it.  Where will it get you?  Only God knows!  But you know, and I know that starting over can bring great rewards.  Shifting your perspective, renewing your hope and reminding you that this game is far from over, that you have work yet to do no matter what your age.  This is your day!

I love this idea from Romans 5:  And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

What that love thing means, is that we have all we need to keep dreams alive and to let hope abound.  I can hardly wait to hear where your dreams take you.  I’ll keep you posted on mine too.

Oh, I think I see the Yellow Brick Road just up ahead!

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