If you want to experience the full force of what the internet can do to create a community, strengthen the Spirit, and keep all of us connected in a lovefest of joy and thanksgiving, then you want to get behind the work of Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong.  They’ve just launched a powerful book and website at StickyJesus.com and you’re invited to dip into the rich content, the inspiring conversations, and the incredible opportunity it brings to shine your light.

The online community of believers throws open the portals to the faithful without labels or legislature.  It simply gives you a place to come home and share what you know and what you believe with others.  Some of us are always searching for more of the One we love, some of us are searching for people to share our stories, some of us simply want to bask in the joy of knowing we’re not alone as we walk the walk of faith.

Now, you have a place to go any time you need a breath of fresh air, a window of opportunity to bring you more peace and more grace.  Now you can sense the Divine nature of God as reflected in the voices of His people all across the globe.  Now you’ve got StickyJesus and you’re already part of the community.  It’s as simple as opening your heart and mind and clicking in.

Congratulations to Tami and Toni for this magnificent undertaking.  See it today on Amazon.com and get a copy of the book because you’ll want to refer to the profiles, tools, and links over and over again.  Welcome, StickyJesus!