In my family, we have a tradition of filling Christmas stockings.  We hang a stocking for each person who will be part of our Christmas celebration.  Everyone brings one thing for each stocking and usually the stockings are bulging with delights before the last treat can be added.  It’s great fun to anticipate these sweet surprises.  When I was growing up, I remember that we most always got an orange in the toe of our Christmas stocking.  Oranges were treats to country girls back then.

I’m thinking today about what  I’ll add to the stockings on Christmas Eve.   Some things would truly delight me if I could wrap them in little gift boxes.  In fact, if I could fill a stocking for you, it might look like this.  I would put a little box with a red heart on it filled with love for the coming year.  I wouldn’t want you to go one day without enough love.  Then I would add some cinnamon sticks to spice up your cocoa, bundled with Scriptures to remind you that God has given you the spice of life and the pleasures that surround you, and all good gifts come from Him.  Of course, you would get a tiny baby Jesus so that you could hold Him in your hands and remember that He always holds you in His heart.  I would give you a little packet of  Trust so that you could carry it with you always, trusting  in God’s care and mercy.  Of course, no stocking is quite complete without some chocolate to sweeten your days and a little peppermint to refresh your spirit.  And finally, yes, I would give you a beautiful orange.

An orange serves a lot of purposes.  It has a joyful appeal, a lovely fragrance that quickly fills your senses when you first break into it and it’s loaded with vitamin C.  It reminds you that no matter what you think, you can squeeze a bit more goodness out of it.  It offers you a vibrant awareness that there’s always a bit more that God has in store for you.

Yes, I love stocking stuffers, and so imagine there’s a stocking with your name on it, hanging on God’s fireplace today.  He has so many treasures to give you that He can hardly wait to fill your stocking.  In fact, He may not wait for Christmas because He wants you to have love and hope and special moments of joy right now.  You are such a delight to Him!  Thank Him for all He does to fill you with goodness and love every day. Share some of His stocking stuffers with the people you love.

Hmmmm….turning up the lightpsdlooks like I need to get out and buy some more oranges!