You may not think of yourself as a gambler, but in some respects, much of life causes you to gamble, to take a risk, to step out of your comfort zone.  Here you are at the beginning of a New Year and you have a lot of choices to make.  Will you do things just as you did last year and hope to get different results?  Will you risk your comfort to try something new and if it fails go back into your “tried and true” approaches to life because they are safer?  These questions are not easy ones to answer, but on some level, I believe that we minimalize the risk when we take a chance on God.  How do we do that?

In my Wellspring devotional book, I wrote this thought.  “It’s not easy to figure out when to take a risk or when to start something new. Even making an effort can seem overwhelming, and yet something nags at you, insisting that it’s time, that today is a  new day and even if you didn’t make it work before, you can now.  Think of the old Nike slogan that implores you to “Just do it!”

Procrastination may make sense in terms of giving your new ideas thoughtful consideration. Weighing the odds is a worthwhile use of your time.  Getting uncomfortable though, is a challenge, but the writer of Ecclesiastes says, “Send your bread out on the water because in the course of time, you may find it again.”  In other words, just do it! With a little due diligence, in the course of time, you may reap a reward and win the day.

If you don’t cast your bread on the waters, you know that nothing can return to you.  If you don’t take a risk, gamble a little, nothing can happen.  If you simply cast your bread on the waters and throw up your hands and walk away, then you won’t be expectant; you won’t recognize the way that God will act on your behalf.  You may miss the opportunity He sends your way.”

So go ahead!  Take a chance right now on becoming all that God meant for you to become and show Him and the rest of the world that you actually didn’t gamble at all, because you allowed faith to lead the way.  You let faith be your guide and you let God bring you peace.  That’s a reward with no risk.  You may just find yourself in a new stream of opportunity by simply being willing to take a chance, and let God be God!  He will never leave you or forsake you and that’s a promise a gambler never knows.

Welcome to a New Year!