Yesterday was Mother’s Day and since I was on my own for the day, I went off to a casino with some friends to try our luck.  This experience always interests me because it causes my brain to immediately begin to rationalize my behavior.  I plan out what I’m allowed to “lose” in the certainty that I will surely win something for my effort.  When my luck finds my money dwindling and my courage waning, I give myself permission to try again fully believing that a reward will come and that I’ll leave in better shape than I entered.  I even manage to manipulate my thinking so that when I really do just lose the money into the electronic trolls that laugh all the way to the bonus screen, I can make it seem all right.  After all, I’m just a human being taking a chance on a possibility.

Okay, so without judging the risks and rewards of entertaining myself in this way too harshly, I need to look at today, Monday, and ask myself the same question.  Do I have just as much, if not more opportunity to take a chance on possibility today as I did yesterday?  Do I see that being willing to try something new, a new machine if you will, is still part of this day?  Today, I can take my talents and abilities, which may not be quite as limited as my bank account and actually use them in new ways.  I can step back from the things I normally would do and make an effort to apply my skills to something else, perhaps with a bigger payoff.

The thing is, we take a chance every day, with every sunrise.  We take a chance when we sit still and wonder why we’re going nowhere.  We take a chance when we look back and relive all the machines that didn’t pay off, all the places where we lost our money, and all the efforts that came up empty.  We take a chance of going home empty handed every time we do that.  We need to assess our approach, look at the hand we’ve been dealt and see just where we might be missing the trump card.  We all have a trump card and everything about how we play that card makes the difference because the One who designed us gave us a winning hand.

Today, I’m thinking about how I’ll play my hand now.  Where will I take the risk to invest just a bit more, to keep spinning the wheel and see if the miracle happens that I’m hoping for?  Where will I lay down my cards knowing that I’m not even in the right game?  Taking a chance is part of getting out of bed in the morning and the only one who can really make a difference in how the day goes, is you.  I suggest that it is great to take a risk sometimes, to take a chance on yourself when the opportunity is there. If the opportunity doesn’t come, continue to believe that it will, believe that the miracle is yet to happen.

The odds are pretty good that you’ll succeed if you step out, change it up a little, and try a different strategy.  You’ve already invested a lot in who you are, you’ve already spun your wheels countless times doing the same thing over and over, so maybe it’s time to hit the jackpot.  Maybe today is your day to win!  Like anything else, you can only win if you’re willing to play and personally, I think God put each of us in the game to play and so it’s worth taking a chance.  Seems to me, we have nothing to lose when we make the effort.

It’s Monday…go get ’em!

  1. Jerilyn Zaveral says:


    Thank you once again. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I need to get back in the game and use the winning hand that God gave me to do great things. I am hoping that the payoff will be so large that Joe will be able to retire in 2 years and we too can join you in Florida.

    Thank you for the prayers and for being my friend. I am so blessed to have you and your words in my life. I will call soon, I promise. I am headed to CA tomorrow to see the kids and grandkids and will be back at the end of the month.

    Talk to you soon. It is Monday both God and you say to…go get ’em!

    Take care and be blessed. Hugs….Jerilyn

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