The other day I walked into LensCrafter because my new glasses needed to be tweaked a bit.  I was told to take a seat in the “adjustment” chair.  Of course, me being me, my mind started imagining what it would be like if we all had an “adjustment” chair.  Wow! What a thought!  We could take ourselves to that chair any time we needed an alignment or a little extra energy.  We could do a course correction right there on the spot and then go on our way again.

I wrote a piece in my Rejoice in the Lord book about getting realigned with God.  It was a reminder that it’s easy to start wandering out in the world all on our own.  We probably don’t even realize that when we do that, when we don’t take the opportunity to pray or to get into the Word, but go on about our day anyway, that it’s like stepping outside without a net.  We go into the world without the protection we could have by God’s Spirit.  Before long, we also discover that the more wobbly life gets, the more shaky we are too.  We lose our sense of peace and wonder where we made a wrong turn.

Chances are, you never meant to simply leave God standing a few miles back.  You probably thought He’d like it if you just tried to do a few more things on your own. After all, you’re an adult and you worked hard to be an independent and self-sufficient human being.  Ah, but there’s the paradox. There’s the place where things are not necessarily the way your logical mind might dictate.  You see, God does not want you to try to work independently of Him.  He wants you to work with him and walk right beside him.  He wants everything you do to be aligned in a way that he can get to you quickly when there’s a problem and carry the load when you’ve got more than you can bear.  He knows you’re just flesh and blood, string and paper.  He knows you weren’t designed to just wander alone.

Today, remind yourself that it’s okay to sit next to God, in fact, He likes to sit next to you.  You can be in the adjustment chair.  You can get a tune-up so that everything runs more smoothly for you.  You don’t have to wait either, because your appointment with him is ongoing and he has no limit to how many times you might call for help.  Now that’s a guarantee that’s not going to run out in five years or when you reach age 100.  It’s for you, forever!

Okay, come on in and just have a seat in the “adjustment” chair.image016