Culturally, we seem to have a thing for titles.  No doubt titles are created as badges of honor to those who have built a reputation or a business or a life around a cause or a work that makes a difference.  CEO status is earned and learned.  We like to think of the CEO as being at the top, the decision maker and deal breaker.  We see that position as the seat of power.

Well, hold on!  Stop right there.  What about you?  Perhaps you’ve forgotten, but you’re a CEO too.  You’re the chief executive officer of your own life, with a rather Heavenly board of directors.  When you put your plans out there, you go right to the top for answers and direction.  In fact, you don’t have any one else you have to answer to so that really makes you a powerful CEO.  That makes what you do incredibly important.

Some of us have lived with humility for so long, we’ve become unaccustomed to the idea that we actually have any power.  We’ve done a good job of keeping others first, playing our cards carefully, keeping life close to the vest, because we didn’t really know we had more authority to act.  The fact is, we do.  We are plugged into the greatest source of power the world has ever known or will ever know so sometimes our humility is not serving us well.  Humming along when we should be singing, joining the chorus when we’re meant to lead isn’t serving us well.  We have big, BIG jobs to do and keeping the light on is hard work.

My role is to be the CEO of this blog.  I think of myself as the Chief Encouragement Officer.  I think it’s a role that fits me well and one that gives me the courage to step out in front, wave my little candle, and hope someone sees the opportunity to raise their candle higher too.  It’s up to us to raise the vision of hope, to keep the light on all the time.  We’re a little like that hotel commercial that used to end with, “We’ll keep the light on for you.”

When it’s raining so hard you can’t see the path in front of you, it’s difficult to remember that the pummeling rain is soaking the flowers and bringing the earth back to life.  It’s hard to believe that the gray skies will give way to peaceful clearings, awesome sunsets.  In fact, for any of us, life can take us to places where it’s simply hard to believe that all things are possible with God.  Our impossibles become His possibles when we step up, shine a light on them, and put them before our personal board of directors.  Nothing else works!  Everything else is an imitation.  The moon can never give off the light of the sun, it is only a reflection.  But as CEO, in this case, Chief Energy Officer, you get to plug into the Source of light and shine.

It’s time to work on your inner CEO.  You’re in command of this day according to the work you have set before you.  Your neighbor is not in command, your spouse is not in command, only you are CEO of your life.  You’ve been given the power you need to act, to become, to live abundantly.  So hold that thought, and if anyone asks you what you do, just tell them you’re the CEO and you’re busy building your business because you have to answer to a heavily invested board of directors.

Keep on working it because what you do matters.


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