Most of us have at least one good friend.  Some of us have several friends and a few of us seem to be continually surrounded by a bevy of them.  Each friend brings a gift, an important ingredient that spices up life or gives it a sweetness that makes everything better.  Recently, I was able to write a book about friendship so I thought I’d include a few excerpts of it here for you to consider.  If you want to share any of your favorite thoughts about friendship with me, I’d love to hear from you.  I believe that God puts people in our lives at the right time to help us grow, to cause us become better people, to remind us that we’re not alone.  Here are a few things that feel true to me about friendships that I’ve embraced in my own life.

When I am drained with nothing else to give, nothing else to say, nowhere else to turn…a friend walks in and begins to carefully unwrap the light that still shines, hidden for a moment, unable to come forth on its own.  A friend always sees something more, some value I simply cannot see for myself.

Some friendships are built coffee cup by coffee cup and over time there’s little that hasn’t been considered, discussed in great detail, postulated, synthesized, and turned in every philosophical direction.  There’s constant conversation and beautiful silence, equally warm and comfortable, like slippers on a cold wooden floor.  These are Maxwell House friendships…good to the last drop!

Distance never really happens in real friendships…time or miles can’t change the bond that exists.  Even if a conversation is stopped unexpectedly and not resumed for two years, it picks up right where it left off, simply reconnected with one warm hello.  Perhaps the greatest thing Facebook has done is reconnect people who drifted apart, but understand the value of being friends.

A friend who prays with you is like holy glue…almost nothing can break your bond because you’re protected by the One who put you side by side to begin with.  You hold each other up in prayer, strengthen each others direction and choices, allow each other a vulnerability and transparency that few ever know.  This is the friendship that binds you with a three-fold chord.

Friends who make you laugh at yourself, bring a texture and balance to life that you simply can’t get on your own.  They see you in your most outrageous, crazy, spontaneous moments and love you simply because you’re you!  These are the friends who when you do something totally stupid, like leave your grocery bag on top of the car and drive off, will point and laugh, and then get on a cell phone to tell you before it’s too late to save the eggs.

The blessing of true friendship is that it is built on a trusted foundation.  Two hearts come together, hold each other up when needed, offer each other encouragement, and remind each other of all they are meant to be.  Honor your friends every chance you get.  Let them hear from you how much you value them.  Like any relationship, the one with your spouse, the one you have with God, the one you share with a good friend simply cannot be taken for granted.  According to Proverbs 17, a friend loves at all times.

What a joy it is to keep such good company!  Let’s hear for real friends!!

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