If you’re anything like me, you started the year with a simple waltz through the things you resolved to do, and now, you are actually shocked to realize that it’s December  already, when every dance is slightly faster, leaving you twirling like so many snowflakes on a moonlit night.  How did last January fade into this December?  Perhaps the only way to keep stride with the music is to be very intentional about each day.  It’s December 1st so you have the opportunity to wake up each day of this month and set the beat, write the music to finish up the year.

Personally, as a Christmas child, I am thrilled when December comes because I like it all.  I love the hubbub of dragging out the Christmas decorations, untangling the lights, finding new ways to play Santa and listening to the carols that remind me why we celebrate the Season anyway.  I love knowing that we can celebrate the gifts of humanity, of childhood imagination and kindness, and the precious birth of Our Savior all in the same wonderful Season.

Every year, I watch Jimmy Stewart remind me that “It’s a Wonderful Life” and I  have to agree.  It IS a wonderful life, as long as I stop to live it now and don’t just wait for each tomorrow.  It’s a wonderful life every time I remember how blessed I am that God intervened in the affairs of humankind and found an incredibly sweet way to bring us back to himself.  It’s a wonderful life each time I see a neighbor reaching out to another neighbor, a child’s eyes light up over thoughts of Christmas morning, and smell the sweet aromas of freshly baked cookies.  Yes, it’s a wonderful life.

If your calendar is chock full of events that surround the Season and you can hardly imagine how you’ll get through it all, if your home is bursting with things to do and things to get done, if you’re filled to the brim with Christmas hope and possibility…It is indeed a wonderful life.   So…don’t miss it.

Live each day with the intention of celebrating the glory of God, trusting He’ll be there to help you through each thing you have to do, knowing that He wants you to finish well.  Make it a December to remember, a dance of love and laughter.  Happy December!