Not long ago, I was re-reading the story in Numbers about Moses and his request to send twelve scouts into the Promised Land.  Moses asked one representative of each of the twelve tribes of Israel to search out the land and let him know how it looked.  Did it have great trees and gardens? Did it have amazing fruit?  Did it look like the land of milk and honey that God had described to Moses all those years before?  Since by now, Moses knew he wasn’t going to be able to go into the land himself, he was simply curious about what was ahead.  After all, he’d traveled with all those people for nearly 40 years.

The part of the story that really drew my attention though was when the twelve men came back to offer their reports.  They had each gone to different sections of the country, but they came back at an appointed time and told Moses what they saw.  All twelve described the land as fertile and amazing.  It took two men to carry a bunch of grapes from a vineyard because they were so laden with fruit, and the land looked awesome.  Everything sounded great until one man said, “Yes, but, there are also giants in the land.  In fact, we look like grasshoppers in comparison.”   With that report, ten of the twelve men felt pretty sure, they would never be able to enter the land.  For them, the giants were too big, and God was too small.  As it turned out, only the two who believed God could protect them and go before them and defeat the giants, ever made it to live on the land.  So here’s my take on this.

All of us probably have giants in our lives.  We have those areas where we simply feel like grasshoppers and that our troubles or our dreams or our passions are just too big for God.  I know I have some dreams right now that could be my milk and honey, if I could just cross over the lands of my giants…those doubts and fears that cause me to only see my grasshopper status.  It’s time to change my thinking.  It may be time for you to change your thinking as well.  Let’s dump the doubts and stop thinking that everything we do is something we have to face alone.  We have a BIG God who has great desires for us to succeed.  We have to let Him deal with the giants, slay the dragons, and get rid of all those things that look too impossible for human hands and hearts.  We already know, “with God all things are possible.”

Let the grasshopper in you move on.  This is your day to do big things!