Last month, I had the fabulous opportunity to share some stories with an incredible group of women, about 125 or so.  It didn’t take long for all of us to embrace our connections and recognize the joy we had in common.  No matter where we travel in this world, or how much we might think we’re all alone on this planet, events like The Colors of His Love conference bring it all back, serving as a reminder that there are many who share our beliefs.  In this case, we shared and cried and laughed out loud.  We hugged and prayed and ate glorious food.  LaTan Murphy, in the center of this photo, organized the conference with a dynamic and loving group of women.  Thanks to all of them, many of us left Raleigh renewed and inspired.  What a gift!

Matthew 12:35 says, “Good people have good things in their hearts, and so they say good things.”   Well, this event was full of good things and inspired words.  This was a group well armed with love, and praise and beautiful things to share.  Everyone spoke from the heart.  I share this experience as a reminder to you and to me that what we do is important, that is, what we do to encourage, to love, to comfort, and to bless each other is our primary work.  All the other things we do are good, but they don’t turn up the light quite as much as when we simply love each other right where we are.  As you look around today, remember that you are always reflecting the Colors of God’s Love.  Your kind words and tender mercies are needed by all who meet you as you go about your business.  The beautiful thing is this, you can’t run out of love…the more you give…the more your supply increases.  Infinite love surrounds you…embrace it today!